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Hospitality Uncovered- What You Need to Know When Buying Corporate Hospitality

Corporate hospitality offers a perfect opportunity to repay customer loyalty, meet your clients in person, create new networking opportunities and cement current business relationships. Entertaining your clients makes good business sense, but understanding what to buy and who to buy from can be a bit of a minefield!

This blog's objective is to guide you through the process of procuring corporate hospitality, so you can entertain your clients with complete peace of mind.


Monaco Grand Prix: Fast cars & fashion on the French Riviera

These days, it's only really a race in the loosest sense of the word, but as a Formula 1 event the Monaco Grand Prix remains in a league of its own. "A sunny place for shady people," the British writer Somerset Maugham famously dubbed the place, and nearly a century on the description still fits. The critic AA Gill was even ruder than that. It's not hard to see where both were coming from. But while the ostentatious wealth, and where some of it came from, might make some queasy, Monaco is

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